Month: July 2019

All of Apple’s 2020 iPhones may offer 5G

Apple won’t be first major vendor out of the gate with a 5G smartphone, but it may have a comprehensive lineup when it’s ready. Historically accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo now expects all three 2020 iPhones to support 5G, not just the two highest-end models. Apple will be helped by falling 5G hardware costs (you could see limited 5G support on $250 Android phones, Kuo said), more resources thanks to the Intel modem business acquisition and expectations from both carriers and customers. At that stage, 5G may be treated as a given in the iPhone’s price class — and carriers might not offer as many subsidies without 5G support. read more

While weighing 5G security risks, France predicts it can manage Huawei without banning it

France provides an interesting case of a Western country outside the five-eyes intelligence sharing arrangement that takes network security seriously and for years has taken steps to reduce its vulnerabilities to foreign intelligence collection and the risk of sabotage. It is also an example of seeking a balance between refusing a Huawei ban but working to create a regulatory environment to manage risks.

By Mathieu Duchatel

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