Month: October 2019

European risk report flags 5G security challenges

By Natasha Lomas/Techcrunch

Mobile World Congress 2019 - Day 2

European Union Member States have published a joint risk assessment report into 5G technology which highlights increased security risks that will require a new approach to securing telecoms infrastructure.

The EU has so far resisted pressure from the U.S. to boycott Chinese tech giant Huawei as a 5G supplier on national security grounds, with individual Member States such as the UK also taking their time to chew over the issue.

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BT Mobile launches 5G in 20 towns and cities

By Manny Pham/Mobileworldlive

BT commenced the sale of 5G contracts to consumers and businesses through its MVNO BT Mobile in 20 locations across the UK.

Piggybacking on EE’s 5G network, BT Mobile will offer 5G in large towns and cities including: London; Birmingham; Cardiff; Manchester; Edinburgh; Belfast; Coventry; Leicester; and Bristol to name a few.

A further 25 locations will be offered access to 5G data rates of between 100Mb/s and 150Mb/s by the end of the year.

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Apple to Use Its Own 5G Modems in 2022

By MATT MILANO/Webpronews

iPhone 11 Pro

According to Fast Company, Apple may have its own 5G modems ready for production as early as 2022, ending its reliance on Qualcomm.

Apple has been trying to end its dependence on Qualcomm for some time now. Initially, the company switched to using Intel, while at the same time fighting a legal battle with Qualcomm over what it perceived to be unfair pricing. Ultimately, the two companies settled in April, followed by Apple promptly buying Intel’s 5G modem business.

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EU Warns of 5G Risks Amid Scrutiny of Huawei

By By Anna Isaac and Parmy Olson/ WSJ

LONDON—The European Union has identified a series of specific security threats posed by foreign vendors of telecommunications equipment, significantly heightening the bloc’s scrutiny of suppliers like Huawei Technologies Co., according to officials familiar with the matter and a privately circulated risk assessment prepared by European governments.

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AT&T and Verizon Don’t Want You To Know Where 5G Really Is

By Karl Bode/Vice

Wireless carriers are fighting back against efforts to better map 5G wireless availability, worried that better data could deflate their 5G marketing hype.

To hear wireless carriers tell it, 5G is just short of magic. As the faster network standard is quickly and broadly deployed, carriers say 5G will result in a “fourth industrial revolution” that will change absolutely everything, resulting in smart cities and even smarter cancer cures.

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Ericsson Eyes $700B 5G Growth Opportunity for Service Providers

By Matt Kaplo/Sdxcentral

Ericsson Eyes $700B 5G Growth Opportunity for Service Providers

5G is poised to fuel significant revenue growth opportunities for service providers, according to a new report by Ericsson. By 2030, service providers could capture up to $700 billion in new revenue from enterprise or B2B-related efforts, according to the telecom vendor.

According to the “5G for business” report, service providers will control 47% of the total 5G-enabled market that is expected to be served by information and communications technology players. And 5G-enabled revenues in the wider information and communications technology space will near $1.5 trillion by 2030. read more

AT&T and other carriers want to hide detailed 5G maps from FCC and public

By JON BRODKIN /Arstechnica

Logo for 5Ge is superimposed over lush forest landscape.

AT&T and other mobile carriers are trying to hide detailed 5G maps from the public despite constantly touting the supposed pace and breadth of their 5G rollouts.

With the Federal Communications Commission planning to require carriers to submit more accurate data about broadband deployment, AT&T and the mobile industry’s top lobby group are urging the FCC to exclude 5G from the upgraded data collection.

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