You’ve Heard of 5G. Now Meet Wi-Fi 6

The 5G of WiFi was too late for the pandemic, but it's coming.

Got Wi-Fi problems? Future routers will at least be ready for the next pandemic. With much of the U.S. on home lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we’re all more aware than ever just how important Wi-Fi is — and it’s something many of us probably took for granted until now. Before the pandemic, most everyone was focused on 5G, the next big thing in mobile-internet technology, and the possibilities it would create for our smartphone-brandishing on-the-go lifestyles. The country has been in a hurry to build out new 5G wireless networks that are fast enough to do things such as download movies in the blink of an eye, and someday even power driverless cars. Except “on the go” and “drive” don’t mean much when we’re literally not going anywhere these days.

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