Vlog: Taking a spin in Didi’s new driverless taxis

Vlog: Taking a spin in Didi's new driverless taxis - SHINE News

Ever since the first licenses for testing driverless cars were issued in Shanghai in 2018, dozens of companies have set up shop in Jiading District, where a 53.6-kilometer stretch of test road allows AI-driven cars to take to the streets.But there’s a catch: they’re still not allowed to operate without a human behind the wheel, although that’s just a small issue for the multitude of companies testing these vehicles on the streets.

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Daimler-backed Momenta says its robotaxis will be fully driverless and profitable in 2024


n China and the U.S., there’s much debate about when and how humans will achieve fully autonomous robotaxis at scale — cars that chauffeur passengers under complex road conditions without safety drivers behind the wheel.

Many pieces are needed to make this happen: mammoth amounts of test data, advanced algorithms, strong operational teams, big checks from investors and local policy support, to name a handful. Until that day arrives, the bold claims from players in the field seem mostly out of reach. read more

Vodafone unveils ‘next phase’ of 5G

Vodafone 5G

Vodafone has taken the wraps off its next generation 5G networks in what it says is a major step forward for the company.

The operator revealed the so-called ‘next phase’ of its 5G technology, which it says can provide faster and more reliable connections for users across the UK.

The new network, built for Coventry University, uses what Vodafone calls ‘standalone’ 5G technology, marking the first time that connections are entirely from the next-generation networks, rather than the current mix of 4G and 5G connections. read more

Weekly Wrap: Verizon Teases Forthcoming DSS Launch for Nationwide 5G_

Weekly Wrap: Verizon Teases Forthcoming DSS Launch for Nationwide 5G

Verizon reinforced its plans to have a nationwide 5G footprint by the end of the year and it will rely heavily on a new spectrum sharing technology to hit that goal.

The carrier said its 5G rollout plan remained on track despite ongoing challenges tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That plan will see Verizon use dynamic spectrum sharing technology to allow it to share spectrum resources across its 4G LTE and 5G network.

The DSS technology allows for a demand-generated and automated sharing of spectrum across the two networks. read more

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