21% of South Korea’s mobile data is already 5G

South Korean City

South Korea’s telecoms regulator has releases new figures that show, less than a year after launching the new technology, 5G networks are now carrying 21% of all mobile data in the country. South Korea has three wireless network operators: KT, LG Uplus and SK Telecom who have the biggest 5G market share.

Phil Kendall, an analyst with research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics, gives a fantastic insight into how 5G has grown in the country since operators launched the technology early last year. read more

Merkel’s conservatives stop short of Huawei 5G ban in Germany

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The document was drafted by Christian Democrat leaders to address the concerns of party rebels who see Huawei as a threat to national security. It is intended to lay the ground for Merkel’s coalition government to adopt a common position on 5G after months of divisive debate.

The move rebuffs U.S. President Donald Trump’s calls on Washington’s allies to bar the Chinese telecoms giant from next-generation networks after Britain stopped short of an outright ban and the European Union backed a rules-based approach. read more

Dish’s 5G network build likely much pricier than $10B – analyst

Dish Wireless

Ahead of Dish Network’s fourth quarter earnings call Wednesday, analysts looked toward the operator’s planned 5G network build, which some think will cost far more than the satellite TV provider expects.

Since T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger deal was given the green light, Dish is set to enter the wireless market and committed to ultimately build a nationwide 5G network meant to compete with the likes of AT&T, Verizon and the New T-Mobile.

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