The tech backlash is real, and it’s accelerating

Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., talks with reporters in the Capitol after a meeting of House Democrats. Cicilline is leading an investigation of tech companies

s there a backlash toward the technology industry in the culture? I tend to think so, having written about its various twists and turns most weekdays for the past couple years now. But sometimes an obsession with a beat can lead to myopia, and so it can be useful to check in with your assumptions from time to time to see whether they still hold up.

By  Casey Newton – Theverge

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2 Trending Tech Stocks that Deserve Your Attention

Of the two, Marvell’s earnings report was more in line with expectations. The company, like many of its peers in the semiconductor industry, has been feeling pressure from the US-China trade tensions, and management acknowledged that by reducing forward sales guidance for Q3 report later this year. A look at the numbers, however, shows that Marvell is maintaining a solid position despite its China exposure.

By  Yahoo Finance

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