Apple might use its own 5G antenna in its 2020 iPhones

Apple is widely expected to debut its first 5G iPhones this fall, powered by Qualcomm’s X55 modem — thanks to Apple and Qualcomm’s surprise settlement last year that saw the two companies resume business. But a new report from Fast Company indicates that Apple is looking to limit its reliance on Qualcomm, with the iPhone maker said to be exploring designing its own 5G antenna rather than relying on Qualcomm’s existing hardware.

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Verizon CEO: Fiber build out is paying off for more than 5G

While Verizon’s fiber build has been foundational for 5G, CEO Hans Vestberg said multi-use fiber is key to increasing business services revenues.

Speaking during his company’s fourth quarter earnings call Thursday morning, Vestberg said his company had a couple of years left on its fiber build out. Verizon is adding fiber to more than 60 markets outside of its ILEC footprint.

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By Mike Robuck/Fiercetelecom

Dish Network’s 5G Plans Set for Market ‘Inflection Point’

By Dan Meyer/Sdxcentral
Dish Network’s 5G Plans Set for Market ‘Inflection Point’

DENVER – Dish Network’s attempt to enter the 5G mobile telecom space may be up in the air, but a company executive this week said that if it does happen it will be entering that space at a very fortuitous time.

Tom Cullen, EVP of sales, programming, and marketing at Dish Network, told attendees at this week’s 5G: Futures event put on by industry trade association CTIA, that it’s not often that a company can enter a business at “an inflection point” that is 5G. He explained that this ability to launch a greenfield network near the beginning of a technology cycle provides the carrier with a significant advantage against its legacy — and substantially larger — rivals. read more

AT&T rolls out (limited) 5G in (parts of) New York City – TechCrunch

Brian Heater


Both Verizon and Sprint have been promising 5G coverage in the nation’s largest city for some time now. AT&T this morning, however, said it’s starting to do just that. The U.S.’s largest carrier by subscribers announced limited availability of 5G coverage in New York City.

The typical not-so-fine print applies to the news this morning. The service will be limited to business users at launch — and only available in a select number of areas. In other words, don’t go running out and buying a 5G phone just yet if you’re an AT&T customer in the five boroughs.

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